Former Vice-Chancellor of University of Cape Coast Professor D.D. Kuupole

A former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Professor Domwini Dabire Kuupole has described the African Continent as one which has lost its culture and sense of identity.

Speaking at the launch of a newly published book titled, “Realigning and Repositioning Africa: Charting its own Cause in the 21st Century, Prof. Kuupole said the African Continent has over the years suffered and is still experiencing economic, cultural, physical, and mental enslavement from the west which has led to the loss of the true African identity.

The book, edited by a professor of English language at UCC, Professor Moussa Traore, and a scholar in African and International Studies, Dr. Tony Talburt, is a collection of research articles that examine Africa’s position in the geopolitics of the 21st Century.

The former VC indicated that the infiltration of Western cultures into the African culture is having a rampaging effect on Africans which calls for urgent attention.

He said, “…we do not know whether we are truly and really western and of we are still Africans because there is a cultural mix and some of us are beginning to lose the basics of our African values”.

One of the editors of the book, Dr. Tony Talburt noted that the book has been published to help erode the negative attitude and perceptions that African cultures and people have faced for several years.

On his part, Professor Moussa Traore, who is a co-editor, hinted that the book will be helpful to students and scholars in general and Africa specific as it discusses the most worrying issues confronting the African continent.

The book touches on issues such as geopolitics, identity, gastro diplomacy security, and education among others.


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